Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Transformers Autocracy #2

Transformers Autocracy #2
SPOILER WARNING.  I am going to explain what happened, if you want to be surprised... please check out another one of myblogs... I would hate to ruin anything for you!
Today marked the release of the second issue for Transformers Autocracy.  I have to say that this series is starting to shape up.  This issue's main focus happens in the Autobot governmental chambers as the Zeta Prime and the leaders discuss how the Decepticon threat should be dealt with.  Zeta Prime has developed a "vampiric" braid that is used to control and eventually eliminate the spark of the upstarts, with the expense of much energon.  The story continues as Zeta shows the power of his weapon and eliminates Swindle.  Zeta then reveals that he has a large scale version of his weapon and suggests that they should use it to eliminate the uprising.  This continues with talks from the coucil (including a late arrival Starscream) about how it would be impossible to even acquire that much energon in this time of need.  Zeta assures the group that he has already began to siphon the energon from needy cities and they have no clue it is happening. 
On a second front, they return to the story of Orion Pax, who is training with his crew and Ultra Magnus.  They continue to explore Orion's thoughts and motivations as he explores his options. 
The issue finishes as Starscream notices a spy in the inner chamber and Soundwave is seen running over Pax to a possible escape.  Luckily Soundwave has escaped with the needed information of the council stealing energon from the citizens and will give Megatron the needed ammo to increase his numbers for his Decepticon cause.
I really like how the series is starting to come together.  I have always enjoyed the Cybertronian pre-war comics.  I loved the Orgin of Megatron, and couldn't wait for any new issues of War Within (sadly still waiting for the finale of the third installment).  I think this series has been great in showing another side of the story.  Like the Megatron Origin story this is showing another very little told story.
This series is really setting up Robots in Disguise.  It is giving an amazing amount of insight as to why there may be NAILs in the society after the war.  It also gives insight into why some chose to allign themselves on the Decepticon cause, or why some just up and left unaligned entirely. 
I like how they are setting up Megatron to be the hero that he was to Orion Pax.  Additionally it would be nice to see a Decepticon uprising as being heroic or righteous, and not in a Shattered Glass manner.  This series is fleshing out the sides.  It really makes you start to rethink whatever faction you feel you most support. 
I like to see how the Autobots were not necessarily in the right at all times.  It may just be a sign of growing up (NO NEVER), but I am enjoying both the political and the backgrounds that are being introduced. 
I will be picking up my final new issues for this month so check  back this weekend for my thoughts on Infestation II #1. 
I can’t believe that I am saying this after the Mike Costa series but I am really looking forward to and enjoying the the ongoing Transformers serieS!

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