Sunday, May 22, 2011


 Here he is folks... the great and illusive Windcharger.  The only way that I found to get him was to pick up a case of RTS Basics from Entertainment Earth... only to see a listing for him alone after mine was in the mail... but all things considered I got more figures that I had been passing, and helped my cousin get a hold of him too, so win-win.
 I have to say that I am completely satisfied with Charger.  I would have been angry to not have gotten him.  His scale is perfect for the Reveal the Shield and other classics mold.  Additionally the mold is amazing.  It perfectly captures his look from the original show.  His only weapon is included on the mold, with gun barrels hidden behind his hands. Hasbro really did this figure perfectly, and I can't believe that he is impossible to find anywhere.  It really is a loss that he isn't available for all of the Transfans state side.
Name:  Windcharger
Faction:  Autobots
Accessories:  None
Line:  Reveal the Shield
Price Point:  Basic($8.00-$60.00) (Really not kidding, check Ebay)
Grade:  A++