Sunday, February 19, 2012

Transformers More Than Meets the Eye #2

Finishing up this weeks new release is More than Meets the Eye #2.  If I can say anything about the issues this week it seems that everything was rushed.  Last issue we were told that there were so many Autobots lost in space due to the crash.  By the end of this issue, all but two are accounted for.  I remember Beast Wars set up this same scenario.  They very deliberately used this plot point and introduced characters into the series up into the third season.  However they had this great ploy to introduce more of our favorite characters and instead of peppering new old friends, they already packed that whole mess into a tight little box. 
They also have really had Cyclonus start to mimic his 3H Enterprises persona.  Cyclonus is found aboard and asked which side he has taken.  He explains he is on his own now, but will stay on until he sees fit.  Its interesting to see this come back into the forefront... especially for Cyclonus. 
They did introduce an old friend  Skids has now reentered the picture and looks like he will become a large part of the picture, a whole lot like Swerve has become.  I do have to say I am interested to see who else will become a major player in this quest. 
The story ended on a cliffhanger as we see Red Alert stumble on the mysterious creatures that attacked Skids when he was reintroduced.  I think there could have been a bit more involved over a couple of issues, however they still have me caught into this story and I hope to see the originators of Cybertron!

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