Friday, May 16, 2014


The day is finally about to commence. Actually some peeps are probably anxiously perched waSoiting for the cases of Transf... Trans4mers merch to start rolling on their way home. I have heard about the craziness, the Wal*Marts ignoring the street date... and frankly the bitching when a company refuses sale basically because they aren't allowed to sell it. Some people actually work there for a living... not everybody is like the who cares, minimum wage teenager just stocking shelves while texting his girlfriend... trying to get a sultry picture. I really am a bit excited for the new figures, for two reasons: 1) I am really tired of looking at bare shelves 2) I am ready to see all the people bitch about how they paid 30 bucks for a Canada special bumblebee that will clog up all of the shelves, creating the new yellow plague, that will now be known as the new black plague. Lets look at our offerings now... just to see what carrots will be dangled in front of our noses. Deluxe Wave 1: Bumblebee- Let me say this... I picked up a battle blades bumblebee when I found him at Ollies, and I was actually sad that I waited that long for him. I am tired of the movie bumblebees, and I don't think in even bought a single one from Dark of the Moon.. I just didn't need another concept. Apparently Hasbro watched my collection and took note to finally make an actual movie change to force my hand. I will probably end up picking this guy up, however nothing makes me want to run to line now for him. Crosshairs- This guy has intrigued me since the Super Bowl trailer. Is this the Wrecker bot type we expected when we saw the umm WRECKERS? maybe. I have to say the whole trench coat gambit-esk attire is kind of catching my eye... however the look leaves something to be desired. Again nothing I am running out to purchase. Slug- I have to say the dino mode looks interesting and he will be a definite buy, however again not tempting first day bait. The dinos look cool, but still I want to see MY DINOS back in generations. I love Grimlock, and have all the figures that Hasbro has shown our G1 KING of, however, my FOC needs his troops to command. I know third party is giving us a set, however I want my cheaper official in somewhat scale option. I need my slug to be a Slag... profanity or not... not his barillium bologna. Scorn- n Another must have Dinobot, however not a first day drawl. I will have the complete set of seven, however I am in no rush. This guy will be the seasium salami of my movie shelf... and I will have the complete club sandwich, I just will be far from first... maybe wait for those rainy day sales. Voyager/Leader Ok, so here I could break these two down into one, however instead of broadening the line immedeatly, Hasbro in their infinite wisdom decided to make the initial leader and voyager waves the same. Grimlock- I have o say that I am probably looking at the voyager of this figure. The chrome addition on the leader is unneeded and not really attractive to me. His voyager weapon my leave something to be desired, however I could deal with it until a shapeways provides the armory. Optimus Prime- I really don't care to much for either of these. The only kicker is the leader provides the gun for my DOTM Megatron which is much needed, so with that... does anyone want to donate the shotgun to a needy collector? Sadly release date is upon us and though I am excited I am not running out to the stores tomorrow. They will eventually find a way into my house, but if I do enter a Target tomorrow, I really hope that I am surprised by a Swerve or Cosmos... I guess that makes me a G-ONNER, but to that I say... why do you think they afforded Michael Bay in the first place... I bought Armada, Energon and Cybertron... I bought the hell out of them... Respect and appreciate the G1 that made formers what they are