Sunday, February 19, 2012

Transformers Infestation 2 Number 2

To continue with this month's comic book releases here is Infestation 2 number 2!  I have to say that what I assumed from the original post still seems to stand true.  Well they really didn't continue to name drop from everyone 1800's but still this issue stood up to my small expectations. 
The story continues from where the last issue left off.  Tesla has agreed to create a Tesla coil to revive Optimus prime as the zombie apocalypse approaches.  The complete mechanism was built perfectly by the Autobots and then to revive Prime, the Autobots one by one sacrifice every amp in their internal circuits to revive Optimus Prime.  Prime then stands up and decides he needs to revie his fallen comrades.  Long story short, the zombies show up, prime battles them all, saves a recently infected Ironhide and Tesla is questioned by authorities as to what happened.  Jokingly he says I honestly cannot tell you as I still am not sure!  Cheers for the cheesy eighties sitcom ending.
Don't get me wrong I love the idea of Infestation.  I am a huge Formers fan... as you can tell hopefully, and I am surrounded by friends preparing for the zombie apocalypse (both jokingly and seriously).  I even like how IDW is handling it by not forcing all of the story lines correspond entirely but allow a Formers fan to only pick up two books and not be completely lost.  However I feel that both volumes have just taken way to much to tackle in two monthly books.  Both stories seem to finally set up the problem with only two pages left in the story.  I also would have rathered to just have a whole new universe to have the zombies attack... instead they try to write these into the main story line.  The format of the books just don't allow enough time to try to unravel a story and by the end of the story it is just rushed.  If Infestation 3 happens I hope they expand the format a couple of issues, or just make it a mindless zombie assault.  Hell just give us a GI Joe/Formers crossover with a full battalion of the new Cobra Zombie Vipers... that would be great!

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