Saturday, February 4, 2012

Transformers Infestation 2 Number 1

The first time that I learned about Infestation I was really excited.  I have never been a huge zombie freak but I do enjoy a different angle.  The first run of Infestation tied Transformers, Ghostbusters, G.I.Joe and Star Trek.  To make the task even more difficult they announced that to understand the story all you need to read is your perspective titles i.e. since I read Transformers the story will be self contained in the the Transformers 2 zombified issues.  Needless to say I was skeptical.  I ended up really enjoying the issues without having to read everything else. 
The first Infestation for Transformers took advantage of the books that were already written with the inclusion of the Heart of Darkness and Galvatron's master plan.  The story line really came together including the use of the story in the main line.
Infestaion 2 has started and unlike Infestation This however is a different story.  Instead of continuing a G1 universe, they decided to infest the Alternate Universe of Hearts of Steel.  I personally did not enjoy the Hearts of Steel story line.  Hearts of Steel is a TF universe that takes place in the 1800's.  The original story placed Bumbleebee in the assistance of John Henry as the railways paved into the west.  This was one story line that I struggled through and hoped would be left at the miniseries.  The only real part that I found interesting was the character designs taking alternate forms of steam engines or blimps.  I really enjoyed the designs and was happy to see the care it took to keep the alt modes and robot modes feasible.  For example the 3rd party Knight Morpher Prime was based off of the Optimus Prime of this timeline and it looked quite interesting.
This story takes up where the last ended.  Bumbleebee has stayed in touch with his human friends.  Additionally the Autobots are fighting all of the Decepticons in 1800's designs.  Long story short, the infestation begins, and the Autobots are forced to seek their only hope... Optimus Prime who sadly has been deactivated.  They need enough energy to activate his circuits and in 1800's so they turn to Thomas Edison.  When Edison says that it is crazy to say that you need a million Watts, luckily Nicholle Tesla shows up out of the wood work.  This is one reason that I don't find the Hearts of Steel timeline... its just a ploy to name drop 1800's celebrities.  Well Tesla says that he can create a great amount of electrical energy using his design and off they go to the body of Prime to build this magnificent device and save the day.
My bet is that in the next issue Prime is reactivated and once again uses the Matrix to stop the threat.  I just see this story line being and exact same as the previous Transformers Infestation. 
There really weren't any surprises in this issue.  I feel like this is once again the same story that I have read.  I will pick up the second issue, but I feel that this story will fall flat for me just like to original Hearts of Steel story, sadly.

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