Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Autocracy 3

Today Transformers: Autocracy 3 was released.  Even though my iPhone tried to mess up, after a reset I was able to finally sit and read it.
I have to say that this issue would have been an amazing short animation.  It is completely action filled.  This time the focus is the Autobot pursuit of Soundwave.  Any fan of the original series would be in love with issue.  Soundwave pulls out all of his stops.  He runs until he get a break and when cornered he continues to open his chest and break out cassette after cassette.  You get to see him release Ravage and then see Ravage ravage a couple of  bots.  He also unleashes Rumble, Ratbat, and Frenzy to aid in his escape.  When all is seemed to be lost he finally reaches his safe place just as Orion corners him.  Orion orders Soundwave to stop, but at that point all of his backup is there with Orion's backup under their control.  Soundwave is rescued, and we are left for two more weeks until the story can continue.
I have to say that I am happy that all i spent was a dollar on this book.  Really it was a cool read, but would have worked much better for a short animation.  Really nothing happened in this issue.  The plot of the story really didn't go anywhere you basically were told what you already knew.  The Autobots are trying to crush a Decepticon uprising, Decepticons are rebelling.  That is all that happens.  There is just a small Spotlight Soundwave issue.  I did enjoy this issue.... I was just expecting more.  

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