Thursday, February 9, 2012

War For Cybertron Bruticus

This weekend is a huge weekend for any toy collector.  Toyfair is in the air... and I would personally like to thank Game Informer for giving us a taste of what is going to be consuming our wallets for the next twelve months.
There have been a few previews of things to come from the UK Toyfair but no great pics or information.  There is the large scale Cyberverse playset that we have seen blurry images of as well as small scans of the upcoming Cyberverse line but no real looks... that my friends will start on Saturday so stay tuned to your computers.
Enough about what we don't know about lets talk about what we DO know. Game Informer has released pictures of the new Combaticons for the War for Cybertron videogame due out in December of 2012.  When I heard about them being released I was excited.  I have always loved gestalts, and have about four copies of  Bruticus alone.  I know that I have yet to review a single combiner, but I am just saving that until I know that I can do them right.  I have to warn you that any combiner will have a rave review from this guy because Gestalts are my favorite part of the lines. 
Well I had seen individual pics of Swindle, Brawl, and Onslaught.  Just as I have come to expect they have Cybertroninan modes that resemble an earthen counter part.  They look great.  I just recently saw that they released pictures of Vortex and Blastoff.  Again they are Cybertronian makeovers of their earthen counterparts.  The one thing that grabs me though is a Cybertronian helicopter... that one caught me but it looks awesome.  These figures are all Deluxe class from what I have heard.  They look AMAZING in each form.
Now onto the exciting part.  The most recent picture that has been released I have shown above.  Finally after waiting so long (well since Energon) we are getting a new combiner.  To make it better its a Cybertronian mode combiner and it definitely hearkens to his G1 counterpart.  As I said I LOVE combiners and if this has anything related to this years releases I can't wait!  Just stock the shelves and cut me loose!

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