Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mickimouse Prime

Mickimouse Prime (AKA Disney Label  Mickey M.O.U.S.E and you know you sang it)
Okay so when I first saw pictures and heard about this figure coming out I want exactly excited or cared too much... boy was I wrong.  The thing that made me second guess my rash decisions on this amazing figure was a Transformers: Mosaic, and when I saw the one featuring him forced my hand. 
I find it ironic that I have never picked up a single Star Wars Transformer or Marvel Transformer.  I just never got into the crossovers... they never appealed to me.  Somehow though I have both the Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Disney Label figures.  I think the reason that I picked both of these guys up (and passed on the Buzz Lightyear) is that they are a culmination of Formers and Disney, not just a robotic version of Aniken or Hulk as some partsformer.

 This figure looks amazing.  It is a perfect combination of Optimus and Mickey.  They even added a small mickey climbing on top of he head that flips out during transformation.  Additionally the clear visor is hinged so you can flip it up for Mickimouse can see see clearly. Also there may not be much articulation but really how much is needed for this figure.  You never really display it in some ginormous battle, but still it holds its own if for the simple reason of hearing people say... is that Mickey Mouse!?! Who doesn't love a surprise on the collection shelves.   
The other nice thing about this figure is that the transformation is simple and to the point.  Also it does a great job of concealing the robot hidden within.  I love the way this completely captures G1 Prime in a manner that really reflects how he would look like if he were drawn by the Disney people. 

He even has a little trailer that becomes his cape in robot mode.  When I look at this figure, I just always think about how great it would be to see a mini series of Disney Label..

No detail was left out.  Even when you transform into truck mode here is your buddy Mickey again.  I was completely blown away at the amount of detail they included and left no stones unturned. 
I love how they even updated the Autobot logo and Mousified it.  I completely love how this figure came together and hope that the Disney Label will return with more beloved characters.  I am just trying to figure out who else could be Transformed.  If you haven't gotten your own Disney Label Prime I highly recommend that you do.  It is well worth it and you won't regret!

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