Sunday, February 5, 2012


Recently I have been happily searching for Junkheaps for my collection.  I have something in story for them for the upcoming display, but that will have to wait until my unveiling.  Junkheap's bio on the card informs that he was built on the Planet of Junk, and became the resident medic.  When the Autobots met up with the Junkions, Junkheap continued his training under the supervision of Ratchet.  So that is what the bio says, but lets be honest... Junkheap is nothing more than a nameless Junkion for troop building, and that is most assuredly not a bad thing, but rather a quite amazing thing.

Junkheap is a remold of the Wrek-Gar with a new head mold.  I feel that the mold works perfectly for the Junkions.  I feel that it really works.  The head is just different enough from the Wrek-Gar mold that he really makes a statement.  I love the way the mold looks and the dynamics of the transformation is perfect. 

The alt mode is a great looking motorcycle with an amalgamated dirt bike/sports bike.  The mold hides most of the robotic elements quite well,  I really enjoy the way the bike gives the feel of the Junkion look. 

The articulation on the figure is superb as well.  As you can see he can actually double wield his axe.  Also the mold is stable enough to support a variety of poses without any help. 

My favorite part of this figure is its "action feature."  The engineering on this figure is great in that the vehicle mode is perfectly scaled so that the deluxe Junkions can ride it.  The bike seat has two peg holes that are made so that the crotch of the other Junkions can snap into them and be held on the bike with ease.  Its a bit difficult to have both hands on the handlegrips, but it is great for the poses as shown above.  Junkheap looks great on himself (sounds dirty doesn't it?), but he also gives an amazing contrast with Wrek-Gar on the controls. 
This is one figure that I have been happy to pick up, time and time again.  I feel a bit of dejavu from my 25th Anniversary Joe collecting with the troop building.   I am happy that this wave is a bit more prominent than the Wrek-Gar mold was, because I am stuck with 2 lonely Wrek-Gars. 
The only reason I would tell you to not pick up Junkheap is entirely selfish... because I want to add them to my collection!  I can't wait to update this entry when I finally setup what I have i mind, but until then, good luck getting to this guy before I do!

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