Monday, April 28, 2014

Beast Hunters: Closing Thoughts and Loose Ends

Firstly I wanted to say that I am loving the fact that Hasbro has made my pickiness much much more easy. I think it is currently hilarious that the simplified deluxe wave is commanding such a high premium on eBay. I am not as surprised that the Terrorcons are doing as well, however its the Bumblebee and Smokescreen that are completely surprising me. These two figures received the most hideous response and when the figures were not available, everybody runs to the eBay. I have to say that these are two figures that I am definitely not missing. I would have enjoyed to have a larger Abominus, however my Target and standard versions are a nice fit, even though I stray away from the cyberverse figures. The real miss on Hasbro's part was to release Predaking and Optimus again in the voyager price point. One of those two slots would have been perfect for the Insecticon mold from Beast Hunters. I picked up two of these at the incorrect color scheme, and would have loved to have the correct in scale insecticons to my army, but hindsight is 20 20, and at least I am not involved in the crazy ebaying. I am however happy to say that my Beast Hunters and generally Prime is now a closed book in my collection. Thanks to some deep Target clearance discounts, I picked up the last few figures that I had my eye on. I must say that the Beast Fire Predaking is an impressive figure at the 12 dollar price point I scored it for, however I deeply regret those who dropped 60 on this bad boy. I feel like it is incredibly simplified, and though it is nicely in scale, could have used a bit more complex design. This past weekend I also picked up the final Predacons that I had my eye on. For the original price of a Darksteel, I scored Mr. Darky, Sky-Linx, as well as the Cryo-Fire Predaking... a great throw-back to Cryotek, especially both of them being Target Exclusives. All three of them have yet to be released from their plastic prions, but will be, soon enough. I will hopefully have some more on these three soon, as well as more on the blog, so please keep checking back!