Monday, February 6, 2012

Allspark Almanac I/II

Transformers:  The Allspark Almanac (I/II)
When Transformers Animated was announced it really split the fandom.  The style of the show and toys was such a departure from where the line had been headed that you either hated, or loved what was going to be coming up next.  I can vividly remember arguing with my cousin about the ascetics.  I would always argue that this is what we always wanted.  The toys were perfect in each form.  My cousin's argument was stead fast... "yeah that's great and all but Bulkhead looks like a damned Duplo truck... I want real vehicles."  The show then hit airwaves and blew us off our feet.  We finally both agreed that these toys were the Transformers we had been waiting on.  We even reached an agreement when the leader class Bulkhead was released and Josh finally opened and displayed the jolly green giant.
Its funny to see how Animated evolved from a scary thing to such a loved show.  Granted to this day it still segregates the fans.  Some love it, others hate it.  For those who loved it it ended too soon.  As you watch the show there is so much hidden in the backgrounds and foregrounds.  So many episodes give a nod to the G-Onner in each of us... as well as the Beast Wars fan, and Beast Machines Fan, hell even the Bayformers fans have a bit of surprises.  Some require some study, such as noticing Grandus, but others are completely out there like a brown haired man and blonde woman in Ratchet with the woman giving birth in Garbage in Garbage out.
I know this looks line a review for Tranformers Animated! but the blog is about the Allspark Almanacs.  That is because the Almanacs are basically a print version of the Tranformers Animated show bibles.  Jim Sorenson and Bill Forster do an amazing job capturing all the bits and pieces for the show.  I have to say that typically when I buy a book like this I flip the pages and read this or that, but when I got these I didn't put them down.  I read them cover to cover, and then went back to the beginning to make sure that I didn't miss anything. 
The books are filled with information.  Firstly they give the basic character designs and personalitys, basically a show tech spec reference.  They don't stop there though!  They also include all of the additional human cast as well as designs and bios for background characters that were inspired by all the different Former universes.  They then go into summarizing each episode in the series and not just in a basic Megatron did this or that.  They took a rather unique view and wrote many of the show synopsis in diary form from the decapitated Megatron head or another character.  They even include character designs for background machines from Sumdac Systems, and a map of the solar system. 
These books made me a bigger fan of Tranformers Animated.  They make me revisit the series and notice more of what was going on.  These two books are perfect for any Transfan, and I think the price of Allspark Almanac II shows for itself its wealth of knowledge (with a price of over $200 on Amazon right now).  These books made me see just how much the Animated series was geared toward fans, and i am happy that so many people have noticed this themselves.  If you don't have these books or haven't perused them in person yet please do! I promise you won't regret it.  
(Author), Bill Forster (Author

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