Sunday, February 19, 2012

Robots in Disguise Prime Bumblebee

Firstly sorry about the naked post without pictures but I really couldn't come to do it for this post (yet).  My wife and I went to the local TRU today (because Target refuses to sell me product), and I was looking forward to getting a new Prime figure.  Since last weekend I have been on a Prime high... and couldn't wait to get some more of the Prime cast.  Wheeljack is still an amazing figure.  I rationalize that because I still find myself tinkering and transforming Wheeljack each time I pass him.  I enjoy him even more that I did the two First Editions that I purchased.
I had heard warnings that Bumblebee was subpar, however I didn't believe it.  Well TRU only offered me a Bumblebee for purchase to feed my plastic crack addiction, so here I am.
This figure is surreal.  the car mode looks so so, but the plastics are completely mismatched.  They took bumblebee to a two tone paint scheme like Bee had a door replaced with a better clear coat.  Additionally Bee is a let down in his bot mode.
Needless to say I am going to still be on the hunt for a First Edition Bumblebee.  Please let me know if one of them seems to surface.

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