Saturday, August 13, 2011

Transformers: The REAL Movie

I can hardly believe that it has actually been a quarter centrury since the best animated movie (in my humble opinion) ever.  Its hard to even believe that the best copy of the movie on DVD (with epic Spike explative) is now five years old!  If you don't have a copy, finish reading the blog then run out and grab your copy... and clear your calender... its all you are going to be watching for the next week. 
Transformers:  The Movie holds a very speical place in my heart.  Actually it is the first fiction that really got me into the fandom.  My cousin Josh had given me his Canadian copy of the DVD with the explative included. 

So here are some facts about the movie that you may or may not have known.
1.  Spike Says Shit for one simple reason.... RATING.  At that time G movies would not be ran at night and they wanted to give TFTM a fighting chance at the box office, so to gain any younger college students or any Saturday night showings they needed to be at least PG.  By having Spike say Ohh Shit what are we gonna do now! they gained the kid friendly PG along with the later show times.

2.  This is Orson Wells last film before he passed.  There has been a rumor that Leonard Nemoy finished the Unicron dialog becuase of Orson Wells passing, however this has been discredited, for Orson Wells even recorded lines for the Unicron Toy that was never made!

3.  Optimus Prime Saved Duke's life...  After the death of Optimus Prime, Hasbro recieved so many angry letters from parents that the G.I.Joe movie that was to be released a little bit later, Duke was spared from dying to avoid this negative reaction.

4.  Unanimated Scenes:  At Botcon 2005 in Texas we got to see some story boads for the movie that made their way to film.  One of which was when Sideswipe, Tracks, and another bot went to attack Devastator on the assuault on Autobot City.  They went out and fired all their missals without the desired effect.  Another unanimated scene shows how Starscream came to power over the Decepticons... He waited in the back gound and allowed all of the other Decepts to fight until they were all too drained to battle him... way to be Screamer!

5.  Edited Scenes.  If you watch the scene where Ultra Magnus is destroyed by the new Decept Command, four swoops shoot at him.  If you watch carefully you can see how the lasers are quick but Magnus seems to scream for a until finally succumming.  In the original script, Magnus is quartered by the sweeps.  They all attached them selves to a limb and went four directions before he was pulled apart.  The scene was shown correctly in the Marvel comic, but eventually made a little more humane for the film verson again for rating.