Sunday, January 29, 2012

Runamuck and Runabout

I was looking through my old posts... and I noticed that I have really blasted Fun Publications for what they have done with the Transformers Collectors Club and Botcon.  Its not that I don't enjoy my membership but often it seems like they just do things that to this fan do not make sense.  However I am happy to report that I am incredibly excited for a TF Club upcoming Release!
Runamuck and Runabout are going to be amazing.  I cannot wait.  They utilize a minor remold off the Wheeljack/Tracks Classics mold and both sport a new head mold.  One of my minor complaints about the Cybertron line was the release of Runamuck without his counter part... TFC has not made this mistake.  I absolute love how they have captured the characters.  They even have a club shirt that is recreating their infamous grafitti on the Statue of Liberty from the vintage comic. 
I am incredibly stoked and cannot wait to review these two and add them to my classics collection.  The rumor is that Runabout will be available for ordering early next week so be sure to be ready with credit card in hand.  All I hope is that the club is ready for this set.  Unlike the Punch/Counterpuch I hope that I will be able to reserve my set.  I am even excited for the SG Drift... sorry but this reviewer is a Drift fan.
TFC.... keep doing stuff like this for the fans... and you will keep my club status in tact!
EDIT!!  OK so I haven't gotten my order in yet... I finally saw the email telling me they were available right after I saw the email telling me they closed the ordering... glad to see I am not the only one excited for this year.  However some pictures were released for the set that is amazing... and I hate to say this but the packaging.  Runabout is packaged in convention style with the artwork box as well as a nice foam packaging for storage when not on display but this one has changed it up a little bit.  Runabout has an open spot with another foam insert with a cutout for non other than Runamuck!  Finally there is a way to keep club figs safe and sound!  Again I am blown away by this set... I just hope I can get my greedy paws on a set to review for the site ASAP.

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