Sunday, January 29, 2012

Transformers: Robots in Disguise 1

The second ongoing title for the IDW Transformers saga started this week.  I have to say that it is a little bit of a home coming for comic books for me right now...  As a child from the early nineties its nothing to try and keep track of multiple issues of the same story line (I was an X-Men fan after all).  Lets just say that I am a bit excited to see what will be in store for the future.
This issues takes place from More than Meets the Eye #1.  This story stays on Cybertron, with Bumblebee leading the Autobots there.  Also the Autobots on Cybertron believe that the explision on Rodumus' ship was fatal. 
The story plots the Cybertron based Autobots in a catch 22.  They have to deal with the NAILs (non-allied Cybertroninas returning home) as well as a large group of Decepticons.  The Autobots have taken a ruling role that a majority of the population is not happy with (the NAILs).  All of the non allied Cybertronians see any bot who took up an insignia as the reason for the war that has destroyed and displaced them from their home.  However the Autobots have the correct items in place to be a good ruling body.  Metalhawk is the only NAIL that seems to want to deal with the Autobots, but he is no-holds-barred while doing it.  Bumblebee definitely gets the full amount of hatred and dislike of what the Autobots are doing, and as more and more Cybertroninas return home Metalhawk greets them with Bumblebee... most of them following with Metalhawk away from the Autobots. 
On the second Bot front is the Decepticon problem.  This is not your typical bash em battling that you are used to... they have taken a bit more of a political look at the situation at hand.  The Decepticons are actually "under control." By that I mean that they each have an inhibitor chip installed, that under Autobot command will erase their ID... killing them.  A majority of the Decepticons have taken this to heart and just stay in Decepticon camp and keep their distance.  A small group (in this issues is Horribull and Dreadwing) have actually started to work for Prowl as a military police... but much more militaristic than policing. 
Political action as well as deceit are definitely in the air as Ratbat has returned to be the head Decepticon.  He addresses Prowl about his harsh treatment of Decepticons, both those working for Prowl, and those who have decided to stay distant.  This issues sets a Ratbat plan into action as Ratbat forces Bumblebee's hand in the final pages as he erases Horribull's ID chip.  Lucky for Ratbat Skywarp was there recording the whole event, and then Teleporting away... an abilty stripped by his inhibitor chip... maybe Ratbat has a little more going for him after all!
This issue has returned characters back to their roots.  Prowl is only using Decepticons as brute for man power reasons... he doesn't want to hesitate to erase their ID's.  Ratbat is the Carwash of Doom Ratbat of days past.  Bumblebee is a more aged character, but this is called for.  He is still loysl to his lost comrades and feels the need for grieving and public eulogies, no matter the public opinion.
I am happy to see the comics making such a strong turn this month.  I was so worried while struggling through the ongoing, but I think things have turned back to how they were.  I am finally looking to the back and foregrounds for hidden jewels, like the Skylinx appearance this issue.  
Needless to say I can't wait for the next issue for Audocracy on Wednesday... not to mention my next installment of both More than Meets the Eye in two weeks, then Robots in Disguise 2 in another month.  Great work IDW... you have completely brought me back to my favorite comic books!

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