Wednesday, January 25, 2012

PE-11: Scouting Force X-- Not-Reflector

Right now I am in process of finally setting up my office "Man Cave" so I am not really able to take pictures, but I honestly HAD to post a review of this awesome set, so for the time being I have borrowed a picture from
I know that they have been out for a while now but one of my best Christmas presents was an Amazon gift card that I used to order my PE11 Scouting Force X (Not Reflector) set.  Typically I shy away from third party figures, except for those that add to my Classics, but this time I just had to jump at it.  I had seen a YouTube Review and knew that I had to have it.  Firstly these guys capture the look perfectly.  The also let you decide how to display either stripped down (looking like a perfect G1 Reflector) or all armored up! I love the look either way.
Not only is it a looks winner, but also the articulation is insane for these little guys.  They are able to hold about any pose.  They even articulated the feet so that you can spread their legs out but still have them standing flat footed.
Another amazing feat of engineering is that this set is accessory packed, but as much as there is, three rifles, one sniper rifle, Gatling gun, shield, and three daggers are all self contained in both modes.  I was afraid of losing accessories, but I was incredibly elated that everything had its own little place for storage. 
I have to say that this set was more than worth the money that I paid to it.  I am incredibly happy that I purchased this amazing set and can't wait to see what else Perfect Effect has in store!

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