Monday, January 30, 2012

20th Anniversary Transformers Lithograph

This was one of the last releases of Transformers swag from Dreamwave before they went bottoms up, and I have to say I am incredibly happy this got released.  This is the 20th Anniversary Lithograph drawn by Don Figuoera.  I have this lito hanging in my office and have had this litho hanging since I brought it home.  I have to say that I still find myself losing myself in the image.  It seems like every time I look at the picture I see something else, or another great image enters my mind.
Don really outdid himself in this epic piece of art.  It is by far the most populated Transformers artwork that has ever been attempted.  There is no real scale between the bots but it reallly doesn't need one.  Instead each and every Generation one bot is present and accounted for (no exceptions have been found yet).  But there is probabally Devastator, but that means that Screapper and Mixmaster are only present in limbs right?  INCORRECT.  Every gestalt in present in combined form, and still redrawn in bot mode to complete the image.  But what about Moonracer and the Fembots... or even a more important character with no toy love Elita -1.  Yup they are all there... every Fembot, and definately Elita-1.  I am a HUGE Devcon fan... but he isnt't there... yes he is!  There isn't a possibilty that Nightbird in present... she wasn't ever an Transfomer just  a background character... Sorry to disappoint... Nightbird is there.  Even eveyone's favorite Energetic electro charged buddy Kremzeek is there. 
I have purchaed a whole bunch of posters and lithos throught all of my years collecting, but this by far has been the most rewarding.  If you ever get a chance to own a copy I highly recommend it... it will bring hours of daydreaming and inspection.  You'll find yourself inspcting it as I had... forever tryting to figure out who Don forgot to draw... and as always being satisfyingly wrong when he beats your time and time again. 
Thanks for the great work Don... This is why you are and will always be my favorite Transformers Artist!

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  1. Where did you find this? I have been looking for years!