Friday, January 27, 2012

Botcon 2012: Shattered Dreams

To be completely honest, every year, some how I find myself looking forward to Botcon.  Also every year I find myself becoming more and more disappointed.  I felt that this year held more possibilities than ever... especially considering their trailer... and the possibility of Scourge, instead we get this... so lets get into the meat!
 Gigatron (AKA Overlord)
First off... this is a collectors convention... can't we just let him have his name back?  Do we get Overlord stateside? NO! We get Gigatron.  I know that this is a play off of the fact that Overlord was a dual Powermaster... with Giga and Mega.... but seriously?  I want an Overlord... I have wanted an Overlord for years... and this is given after Overlord... complete disappointment for me.  I understand that there was some inspiration from from the fact that Giga was a samurai... but still I don't think this was a good mold choice for Overlord.  This is for two reasons... 1) Overlord is a major overwhelming villain... HUGE... he fought Grand Max.... hes not some tiny voyager... I know botcon cannot make a ginormous behemoth, but still.  2) The new head mold destroyed the look for me... Overlord does not smirk like that... I understand you took the look from last stand of the Wreckers, but still  for me and EPIC FAIL.

Metalhawk was the Cybertron leader in Masterforce.  To tell you the truth I feel that this is the solitary shining light from this set.  I have wanted a Metalhawk figure since I first watched Masterforce, and seeing that he is a Japanese exclusive his price tag has always haltered me.  I feel that the choice for using Thunderwing was perfect and I am really looking forward to this figure.  I think it does a good job of capturing Metalhawk's human appearance, however I would have rather seen him in robotic form to have him blend in a bit better with my classics shelf.

Shattered Glass Soundwave
Again... EPIC FAIL here.  I can't believe that they used this mold for a SG Soundwave.  The look is horrible.  I can't believe how the face basically fades into nothingness.  I can't believe they just didn't use a War for Cybertron Soundwave... at least the head would be PERFECT instead of a let down.  Also why did they choose a mold that is so temper mental.  I mean I am half tempted to use my Botcon 04 Ironhide and Ratchet... at least they can look straight.  I was happy to see the nod to Cold Slither but other than that... this figure is a pass in my book.

Shattered Glass Tracks
This is one of the exclusives that I am not craving, yet it really doesn't inspire me to purchase a set.  SG Tracks is a nod to his original deco in Diaclone.  I appreciate this, but really its not something that I HAVE to have... rather just something I have no real feelings one way or the other.

 Shattered Glass Treadobolt
OK... so again another figure that I could take or leave.  I understand that everything cannot be a home run, but Seriously Fun Pub?  Treadobolt here is a nod not to a G1 counter part, but rather an Armada/Universe repaint from the Battle in a Box days... yup a figure that I bought during a new figure draught and just so I could have an Armada Ultra Magnus!
Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus
This is probably the Ugliest Botcon figure I have EVER seen.  I am actually happy that I am not going to be getting this one.  For me the head mold makes or breaks a figure... and SG Ultra Magnus DOESNT HAVE ONE!  What were they doing?  The head mold looks like they just shoved some extra light piping in backwards and hoped for the best.  I like the nod to Diaclone colors again... but so much more is left to be desired.  If I had this figure I would but a Battle Tankor deco just to hide his ugly mug.  And ironically again he is packaged with Treadobolt... amazing.

Shattered Glass Octopunch
SG Octopunch here is a leaked image of the rumored attendee exclusive.  Again this is a figure that i am not bothered about not adding to my collection.  I am going to have some fun here.... Ductopuch here has an affinity for the Flying V.... just stare into his chest and tell me you don't see two ducks.  To be honest, I will keep my Donald Duck/Bumblebee as my only Quackster. 
I really wonder what they were thinking this year for the con exclusives.  I loved the Shattered Glass in Cincy... its actually one of my favorite sets.  Even last year I was crushed to find out that I missed more to my SG universe... but this year I couldn't give a Sharkticon tooth.  SG was great in a shorth burst or one shot.  I mean look at Star Trek... if they had continued to give us Mirror Mirror we would have been sick of it by now.  Fun Pub basically use SG as a safety net, but this time its not working... you should have just let me be with my mustached Roddy...

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