Sunday, January 22, 2012

Transformers Autocracy #1

Transformers Autocracy #1
The second new release for IDW's Transformers Series is Transformers Autocracy.  If you are looking to read it don't bother visit your local brick and morter stores because this one is only available for download through comixology. 
This story is being released in a bi weekly format and will continue for twelve eight page issues for $0.99 a piece, 
The story is set in Cybertron at the outbreak of the war.  It starts with Orion Pax, (not Optimus Prime) hunting for an illegal arms dealer.  Again I am not too happy that Orion Pax is not shown as the Optimus Prime that we all know and love, but instead he is a ruthless criminal hunter.  He seems to have no remorse of morals in his actions.  I feel that the whole setup for these issues is to give the Decepitcons a cause to actually rise up and attack the Autobots, however it really doesn't show the real morals of the bots.  The only one who is showing the correct action plan that screams Autobot is Bumblebee who is demoralized for his moral by Orion Pax.  Right now it just doesn't seem to fit the bill. 
The issue was jam packed with action though.  Orion Pax was on the ball and went after Swindle.  The chase scene was acton packed and I couldn't wait to see what happened next. 
I feel that this series is going to be an exciting one.  I am not ready to completely make my mind up and judge it after eight issues, but I am looking forward to the next eleven parts.  If you have the time, and an extra buck to drop I highly recommend the book... I just hope that it can culminate into something special when all is said and done... who knows, if they print it I may find myself picking up a new copy is Graphic Novel Form. 

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