Friday, April 1, 2011

TF News for End of March

I just read on TFW2005 that TF Con is hosting Pat Lee.  I just found it funny that he will be attending since the bankruptcy of DreamWave (that left ooo soo many artists and writers unpaid for their hard work).  The reason that it made me chuckle is that he will be signing and sketching for fans... I am almost tempted to go just so I can have a sketch by Pat, signed by Pat.... that PAT ACTUALLY DID!  It would be nice to have one of the few actually pieces of Pat art... instead of a ghost artist with pat's name on it.

Sentinel Prime
I am also very excited to parrot that Leonard Nimoy is once again gracing a TF film for the first time since voicing ("What he say his name was?) GALVATRON!   Nimoy has however traded in his Decep Cred, and is voicing to role of Sentinel Prime.

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