Friday, April 8, 2011


Recently there has been an announcement that for the fist time we are going to receive a stateside release of the Japanese Headmasters series.   Personally I am a bit excited, not just because for the first time in my life I can buy a movie called Headmasters off of Amazon and bring it into the house during the daytime, but because I have always wanted a good quality version of this series.  The first time that I got a chance to watch the series was off a set of VHS tapes (anyone remember those magical "video cartridges?") that my cousin let me borrow and of course make my own, more degraded copy.  I then later scored a copy of Headmasters with the rest of the Japanese series on VCD which had a bit better quality, but I am still excited for a stateside NTSC DVD copy.
Headmasters takes place following Season 3 for the Japanese story line.  It completely replaces the story line laid out in the Rebirth series.  The story takes a  completely different route than Rebirth did as well, but I would expect since stateside we had 3 episodes, while Headmasters had a full season.  The season does have some fairly large events that occur... like the complete destruction of C... Seibertron.  Also they tend to let Fort Max build slowly, instead of showing everything all at once.  They also have amazing character development for Sixshot.  He is one of my favorite TF characters, and in Rebirth all I get to see is what a "one man army can do."  That was it, where in Headmasters, he is a main stay player, and a key player at that...
Headmasters does have some slow points, but all things considered it is an amazing storyline, and I am excited about this set.  If for no other reason, I would recommend purchasing it just so we can get Masterforce and Victory stateside.  I would love to have good quality versions of these great series on my TF DVD shelf. 

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