Saturday, April 9, 2011

Collecting Warehouse

OK, so this isn't primarily a Transformers update, but still I felt that it could be a great resource for everybody.  I recently stumbled across a company called Collecting Warehouse.  The are an amazing resource for any collector, no matter what the media.  They have anything you would need as an action figure collector, including ziplock bags for TF accessories, or even bag your loose collection.  Additionally they provide high quality stands, and cases to keep everything dust free.  Also for the loose display they have awesome acrylic risers so that the guys in the back don't get lost! 
I am a Transformers collector, but I have also gotten into some Marvel Universe, Star Wars and G.I. Joe, and they have awesome stands for all the figures that I have amassed over the years, with a nice selection so you can choose your own flavor.  They also carry a full line of Star Cases for MIP Wars and Joe figures (the ONLY way to display your Pimp Daddy Destro!)
The best part is that they are a collectors resource for collectors and are run by collectors, so they treat you like you would like to be treated.  I am lucky enough to have them in my home town for a quick friendly order pickup, but I highly recommend that you head on over to and check them out!  They will definitely have whatever you need to help organize and display all of your Formers

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