Monday, April 18, 2011

Chris Latta

Most Transfand know that Chris Latta is the voice of our beloved Starscream... and Cobra Commander (WASSSSSSSSSSSSS a MAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN), sorry I digress.  But recently I found that he did standup as well thanks to my Transformers Collector Club Newsletters.  I did a quick YouTube research and wanted to share it with all.  Here is Chris Latta (billed as Chris Collins) for your viewing pleasure. 
I was excited to finally place a face with the voice... and quite surprised... after doing a little research I found that Chris was in most of my favoite shows from yester-year... including one of Al Bundy's bunch in NO MAAM. 
This just makes me a little bit sad to know that I never had a chance to meet him, nor get his John Hancock...
RIP Chris... I know you're cracking up the Man Upstairs.

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