Wednesday, January 19, 2011


 For the longest time I passed on Jolt.  I really kept walking past his figure on the pegs because I wasn't going to get tied back up in the Revenge of the fallen product.  I had already picked up the figures that I really wanted, as far as I figured I was finished.  That was until I was on a mad hunt for the Animated Arcee figure.  All my wife knew was that I kept freaking out looking for a $10.00 female Autobot named Arcee.  When she came home from the store and presented me with the ROTF Arcee I couldn't help but to be excited.  That "forced" me to go out and search out the rest of the Revenge of the Fallen cast to complete my TF2 shelf.
As shown above, Jolt's alternate mode is a Chevy Volt, Chevrolet's consumer electric car.  He made is first appearance (movie-verse) in Revenge of the Fallen, but can be lost or forgotten quite easily.  In the movie he has no really important lines, and he is rarely in the foreground of the camera shot.  His shining moment is when he zaps Optimus Prime and  Jetfire so they can combine at the final fight.  Other than that he is just another robot on the big screen.
 Jolt's figure really has some room for improvement.  His robot mode is quite blocky like the old G1 bots, which is great for an 80's Transformer, but can't compare to the molds used in Classics/Generations.  I know that the movie designs are really hard to correctly capture and for that part make sure that the toy can correctly transform, but I think that Jolt really missed the bar.  And for me the most important part is the head mold, which really leaves much to be desired.
 Jolt's weaponry is his two electrostatic whips which rotate out from his arms.  In the movie you can see him use the whips to try and scare the US Armed Forces when the Autobots are taken into custody, and in the scent mentioned before where he helps Optimus and Jetfire combine.  As far as a gimmick goes, again it is a bit disappointing of an accessory or action feature.  All things considered, my ROTF Jolt will much like his character in the film, fade into the background.
Name:  Jolt
Faction:  Autobots
Accessories:  None
Line:  Revenge of the Fallen
Price Point:  Deluxe ($9.00-$12.00)
Grade:  D-

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