Thursday, March 24, 2011


I was checking out the TF3005 boards the other day and I saw a guys post followed by an interactive link that gave statistics on his collection.  Being the inquisitive me that I am... I followed the link.  It took me to a site called  I had never heard of this great resource for a TF collector before and decided to share it here.  SHMAX is an online database for TF collectibles.  They don't just stop at figs, but actually include stuff like the small games and stuff like that.
The best part is that they allow you to create a free membership and begin to catalog your collection.  All you have to do is register and you can browse their database and simply click the add to collection button, and that will add it to your profile.  You can then list the condition that you purchased it in, (MISB, AFA, MIB, Loose) and click any and all instructions, and parts that you have in your collection.  It also allows you to add multiples of a figure, and fill out the info of what you have complete, and additionally it allows you to place your purchase price into the equation. 
They even take it to the next step and allow you to create a wish list based off of the database.  To increase functionality, you can select to be notified about EBay auctions, and just like that you have an amazing watchdog for the TF's you can't get enough of. 
They also create a collection value ability.   Based off of what you have added to you profile, they will calculate a complete collection worth, using data they collect from somewhere.  This is my only small gripe about the site... the worth still has some kinks to work out.  Firstly I am not sure where the data comes from for price.  I think that it comes from eBay auctions, but I am not sure.  Secondly, there are many different formers that do not have any value in the system.  This is definitely apparent when you collection is mostly loose and complete like mine  (I figure they are toys... they deserve to be freed from their plastic prisons don't judge!).  This kind of erks me because I added alot of my collection, and then its like... ohh that's great... I added 49 figures for a total of 5 dollars to the collection!  Hooray!
Outside of the collection worth, I really find this to be an amazing resource.  Not only does it allow you to figure out what is with each figure (not with Transmanual accuracy or detail, but still a good idea) but it also provides an amazing log ability.  It even allows you to download your collection, or wish list to a .xls file for a personal record.  I have made countless data sheets and excel files to log my collection, and I always find myself slacking off.  SHMAX provides a great ability to go back and include my figures based off memory, and they also show a MSRP so if you purchased the figure retail, it will help track the price fluxes in the past few years.  I am incredibly happy that I found this resource... and that's why I wanted to share.  Make sure you check it out!  They even track your collection against all of the other users of SHMAX... so register and try to see how high up the ladder you are. 
Finally I can proudly tell my mom that I am the winner... I am the man who is dying with the most toys!

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