Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I figured that since I reviewed Blurr, I might as well review Drift as well.   Drift is an IDW character that found his way into plastic in the first wave of Generations in 2010.  I know that when I first heard of a fan project Drift I was interested to see what he would end up looking like, and didn't think that Drift would make it in an official release. 

Drift's alternate mode is a tuner sports car with his graphics down the side complete with Kanji on the doors as he appeared in All Hail Megatron.  In car mode all of the accessories are hidden either by the clips on the bottom of the car for the long sword or the short swords are held in the hip sheaths. 
 As far as his plastic likeness is concerned, Hasbro/Tomy-Takara did a really great job in capturing his look from the books.  Additionally the swords are stored exactly how they were in the comic, and everything translates nicely into robot mode from the vehicle form. 
 The main sword almost is at least 3.4 of the height of drift, and there is enough articulation so that Drift can hold it in both hands, even with the little bit of kibble from his front two fenders.  This is something that I really cant remember seeing in any other Transformer, so i was astonished when I first did it with Drift.
Again, the other two swords fit perfectly into sheaths inside of the door panels.  The sword hilts are hinged so that they can be folded down to complete Drift's transformation.  Again they are a great design that closely follows the swords that Drift had in All Hail Megatron. 
All things considered, Drift is a very stable and articulated figure that can hold just about any pose that you put him into.   He is a great display piece.  However, he really doesn't have the appeal to a G1 enthusiast, especially if you haven't read any of the IDW fiction.  I think that everything that Hasbro tried to tackle on this figure was achieved, however, I wouldn't pick a Drift over my Blurr.  I really think that Blurr should have been the original release, while Drift got credited with the "remold/repaint" but still i feel that Drift is and incredibly stable and strong figure.  Drift fits into any Classics collection perfectly and would be a great addition, but I think that his story line is the real reason that I picked him up before a War for Cyberton Optimus of Bumblebee.  Overall I would highly recommend you to pick him up, but not at the expense of a Blurr.
Name:  Drift
Faction:  Autobots (Former Decepticon)
Accessories:  Large Sword, 2 Smaller Swords
Line:  Generations
Price Point:  Deluxe ($9.00-$12.00)
Grade:  A-

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