Wednesday, January 5, 2011


So I started this blog about a week ago, and since that point I have been trying to figure out what I should write about my first blog.  Finally, my beautiful wife gave me a great idea... she said "why don't you just write about how you got into Transformers."  Well here it is... on the amazing advice of my wife... how I got into the Bots and Cons!

When I was a small chitlin... I was a part of the dark side... that's right... Each morning I couldn't wait to run downstairs, and watch Gobots on Cartoon Express (God Bless You USA).  While watching the show I would sit attentively in front of the TV and stand up all of my Hotwheels and act like they were the real deal (even thought at that time the real deal was Leader-1 Scooter and the Cykill).  Never thinking that Hasbro would steal my idea twenty years later... I pined for a transforming robot.  I finally got my wish when I was walking through K*Mart with my dad... and since I was a good boy I was rewarded with a Micromaster Erector... on blue light special.   It may have not been an Optimus Prime, nor a Megatron... but hey... like I said this was way better than a Hotwheel standing on its bumper.  Since I was five at the time, it wasn't long before Erector just became a base... then a yard sale later he was gone. 

I am sad to say that the next few years were barely filled with Transformers. I really started to collect Formers due to my cousin getting back into the Formers collection due to Transformers 2000 (Car Robots).   There was a small hobby shop around my house that would sell import figs... and my cousin found the one fig he had pined for and never got... Fortress Maximus.  I received a frantic call from him one day... "Hey... I am coming over to pick you up... I just got the coolest thing ever!"  I walked into his room and there he stood... (Fort) Brave Max!  Josh started to pull out all of the old toys... and with that I got hooked.  He gave me his Canadian copy of Transformers the movie... I watched as Spike said "Shit,"  I found myself watching the film every other day.  He hooked me up with a copy of gen 1 on Real Media and .wmv... and I found myself wanting these robots to be mine... he let me borrow his comics... and within a week I had already read all of his Marvel G1 and G2 books. 

My first official Former was Jetstorm.. I needed to get something vehicle like... in the time of Beast Machines... he looked the coolest to me (deluxe size).  Then I found myself looking for Optimus Primal... since I had no Prime at this time I figured it would be close enough.  These held me off for a couple of months until Robots in Disguise was about to come out.  My first Real Car-Former was the RID Sideburn.  Funny enough I made my first purchase mistake for him... I bought him at a flee market for 20 bucks... the next week I found him and his other brothers at TRU for 10 a piece.  Needless to say Sideburn started my obsession.  I found myself tape recording Robots In Disguise.  I found my paychecks being devoted as much as possible to allow me to keep the collection up to date.  That in a nutshell... well rather large nutshell is how I got into formers.

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