Tuesday, January 18, 2011


When in heard about the chances of getting a new Blurr figure I couldn't wait!  I do not have a Gen 1 Blurr, and have always been a fan of him (WhatAboutMeMagnus?), and instead of getting a G1 reissue it was going to be in classics... I was ecstatic to say the least.  When I found out he was a repaint of Drift... I knew it would be good... I just didn't know how good it would be.  I remember looking at my Drift and thinking how they were going to do it.  I knew that it would be a good choice sharing a tuner car mode would be a great update (or downgrade) from the Cybertroninan sports car he once was.  One question wandered on my mind though... Drift was a hand to hand fighter... his swords were awesome accessories... how are they going to work on Blurr.
They fixed that issue easily by replacing the large sword on Drift's back to an awesome sniper rifle for Blurr. The engineered it to use the same "holster' points as Drifts sword and even added a second handle so Blurr can double hand this powerful beast.  I was still concerned though, why would Blurr have the smaller swords, as cool as they were.  They just don't fit!

 Again, Hasbro/Tomy-Takara came through and replaced the hip swords with two mirror imaged pistols for our fast speaking hero.  They fill the void left by the swords perfectly, and i think they even do a better job considering that the swords were jointed for their own little "transformation."  And still as an added surprise (since Blurr was a repaint, I just filed the instructions and went on my merry way) thanks to my cousin Josh, the pistols serve a second purpose.  As I said before they are mirror images...  If you take the two pistols and attach them barrel down toward the hilt of the sniper rifle they become a bi pod to give Blurr that added stability to make the shot! 

As far as a display piece this figure is amazing.  The head mold perfectly captures Blurr's likeness.  The accessories provide more than enough intersting poses. Additonally this mold is incredibly stable.  Also the joint are perfect for that intimidationg stance, and he can even hold his sniper rifle in both hands.  The only thing that i wish i could change would be to add a little more movement so that the neck could tilt up to set up that perfect crawl shot using the bipod, but its not like my Blurr will ever be caught on my display laying down!
Typically when I hear that Hasbro is doing a repaint, I really start to think about how much I really need to add another repeat mold into my collection.  with Blurr it was a no brainer decision.  I had to have him... he was a great character, and my classics Movie molds would be lonely without their rambling friend.  After releasing him from his bubble prison, he has become one of my favorite classics figures.  If you don't have Blurr, and see him, definitely snatch him up.  

Name:  Blurr
Faction:  Autobots
Accessories:  Large Sniper Rifle, 2 Smaller Pistols
Line:  Generations
Price Point:  Deluxe ($9.00-$12.00)
Grade:  A+

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