Monday, January 27, 2014

Transforming Toys into new toys...

So it seems like the bane of many Transformers fans' existence is the constant influx of repaints that we seem to get.  I remember when I first got into the hobby that I was a little bit disheartened when I found myself buying the third, fourth, and even fifth repaint of that RID Prowl or Beast Machines Jetstorm mold.  I didn't know why Hasbro kept trying to sell me the same stuff, but I kept buying it all.  Then it finally came to me.  This is the way that Hasbro can keep our fandom alive.  Unlike the Masters of the Universe, G.I. Joe, or many other basic action figure lines, Transformers do not lend themselves to the ability to take a leg from guy a and head from guy b, and basically rebuild a new figure from what already exists.  Instead we get basic repaints, sometimes with new heads, sometimes not, but its how they fill our line.  Now, I recognize that fact, and have backed off my anti-repaint mindset.

Firstly there are always those repaints that we not only want but demand.  Each and every time we see a new Starscream mold, we start yelling for two if not five to seven different paints of this bad boy.  I find it funny that even in a group that gets upset over the amount of repaints instead of new product, we completely turn a 180 each and ever seeker mold that happens to be released.  Also I find myself salvating over the possibility to complete my set each time. 

Not only do the seekers provoke that coveting collector nature but also there is always the whole Optimus Prime release.  I don't care which Prime mold is released I always seem to be a sucker for the white Ultra Magnus repaint, and definitely jump whenever I can get my hands on a Nemesis Prime or Scourge they can throw at me.  I even add extra points whenever the basic white repaints gain their exo-suit, I just can't get enough of these.

I even remember when the record seemed to be broken with common themes and tropes in the Transformers cartoons.  Each story was more of the same when RID started.  Megatron starts off as the big baddie, then the ends up being "destroyed" only to return in the next couple of episodes he arrives now reformatted as Galvatron.  When RID did it, I was happy for the bit of nostalgia.  However then in Armada the same string of events took place... leading that Megatron to find himself reformatted into his purple Galvatron namesake.  When Enegon began, again with a Megatron I was a little bit perturbed about the foreshadow of him once again reformatting, until I saw the toy.  I remember being so excited to get my Energon Megatron, complete from Wal*Mart with the nice code for the online Energon game.  However the mold was screaming Galvatron... not just any Galvatron, but G1 Galvatron.  I was chomping at the bit.  When the reformatting finally happened on the show I was relieved, knowing that my repaint was in the works... and I would soon have a great Galvatron for my shelf..  One that seemed to do the G1 character more justice that even his G1 mold... especially from the original, no reissue color scheme.

Recently the Beast Hunters has kept me away from most of the line.  I have purchased one of each of the new dragon molds, however I have very much strayed away from the partial remolds and Beast Hunter versions the Bots and Cons.  However there was one repaint that completely sucker punched me into action.  I remember the first time that I read about the possibility for the Sharticon Megatron and was strangely intrigued.  I actually decided against buying this bad boy... and then I went to my cousin's house and saw his sitting outside of the package.  Its strange.  I feel like this figure really doesn't photograph well, however I feel that it is a strangely beautiful rendition of the mold.  The teeth around the neck stick out so amazingly and is gives great homage to the Sharkticon, while keeping one of the stand outs of the early Prime mold.
The Beast Hunters mold seemed like they kind of dropped the ball for a perfect rendition for a character.  They wanted a Beast Hunters Dreadwing, and even though he was already a hard to find voyager, they decided to go for the deluxe treatment.  I saw the figure a couple of times in retail, but have still not picked up a copy for the collection.  The only reason that I would purchase this bad boy is for a personal repaint custom.... taking Dreadwing into a Jhaixus.  I believe that I saw this custom on TFW, so sadly it is not an original idea.  However I feel that this could be a perfect repaint, and even dropped into the Generations line for a reuse of this incredibly nice looking mold!


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