Friday, January 31, 2014

Action Features Log

Okay... I know that this is not completely Transformers related, however I wanted to do a solid favor for my friend James.  He and his friend Mike have a little podcast called Action Features... and even though they don't always talk about Transformers... I still wanted to post this here... that way it would be available to the Action Features audience.

Action Features is a podcast that often has a focus on many of the things that I am overly interested in.  They keep me up to date on current pop culture, and often dive back into collecting history with cartoon theme songs, and reviews on cartoons that have long since became standard for our DVD shelves.  Even though Mike once believed Slag and the Dinobots to be Decepticons, I can agree with James' son Blaze's outlook on Transformers 4 and just walk away. 

I have listened to each podcast that Action Features have released, multiple times and created this log.  I tried to keep track of many things, and feel that I successfully captusred all of the foods eaten in 52 episodes, as well as the references to fighting wolves, star worlds, amazing singing talent of Mike and James and the many, many, many, names of Chatting Tainters, and many many syllables of the Ahrnold (Schwartzegger) costar Tia Carararararararararararararararar......ara.  

I hope that you enjoy the log and I challenge the listeners to try and complete the list.  There are some categories that I did not start noting until it was too late, so I challenge fans to trace the conversations about Ahrnold, or Sylverster Stallone.   

Now I am out like a bag of Cheez-Its infront of Mike and James.


Action Features Log Download

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