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Transformers: Dark of the Moon

OK.  I know that it has been a while, but I must confess I have been a bit busy as of late.  Not just with Formers stuff.... which i really wish I could do for a full time job, but rather with life in general.  We had family come over from Germany, as well as multiple wedding and other events that have taken a bit of time away from the blog.  Additionally I have started a custom fig, but its still a far way from being ready... I was all into it and then I had to clean up my painting station in order to have people over to my humble abode. 
So now that I have gotten apologies out of the way here we go... its time for the Beyond Cybertron Dark of hte Moon Reveal because you know there was a little movie that came to the fandom while I was away.  Firstly I want to be a courtious host and warn you that I am going to address anything from the movie so if you haven't seen it, turn off your computer and go to the theater, then return to me when you are finished.  I will be giving spoilers, I am not holding back.  You can continue to read without watching but there will be surprises leaked, but I guess you dont care about that now do you?
When I walked into the theater I was a bit excited and giddy.  I couldn't wait to see what was in store for me.  I had enjoyed Revenge of the Fallen, but honestly I was a bit let down.  The first movie was amazing, and more than I could ever ask for so my expectations for the second were highly risen and let down.  This time around I wanted to see a good robo battle and just hoped it was  good movie.  I was incredibly surprised.  Firstly I want to start with my gripes, that way I can end on a good note, and everyone will still like me.  If you think everything was perfect  in DOTM, then please just skip a little down this article and skip to the praises... an amazing ability of digital tech.
Firstly, WAYYYY too much humans.  I went to see Transformers... not Humans guest starring the Transformers.  I understand that they were trying to add some humor into an action flick but most of the humans were not needed.  The Asian man who worked with Sam and had a connection to NASA was nothing but filler and used for a cheap quick gay joke.  That is one thing that just annoyed me.  I wanted to yell.... WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO CONNECT SAM WITH THE TRANSFORMERS... YOU ALREADY HAVE.... YOU ARE IN THE THIRD MOVIE... HE IS ALREADY LINKED!!!  Everything done with the Asian man seemed to be used to bring back Simmons into the story line.  With S7 being disbanded he no longer has and easy in and lets face it... we all love Simmons right?  I know alot of people hate him, but I actually dig him, and was happy to see him come back.  But thats the thing, instead of giving us an hour of Sam searching for job after job, and humorous interview after joke interview, you could have just given him his BS desk job, and had the now Rich Simmons come in and have already had him start to decypher what was happening.  Lets face it, nothing was added to the movie by making Sam have a split with the Autobots, and why wasn't he allowed in NEST.  Why didn't he have a job for NEST.  If the sercurty admin was so worried about leaks... she would have kept him under her wing and under wraps... all those exchanges with Sam could have easily been done with Simmons.  Easily as that, now you have more robo action, and less stupid homophobic humor.  It just wasnt needed.

I see I have caught your attention with a Victoria Secret Supermodel.  See how easy that was?  Honstly the only acting she really pulled off was to be herself.  The whole movie I just watched and thought...that should be Megan.  That is Mikaela, not some British chick, everything she did was a slightly twisted Mikaela.  Why did you have to say all that stuff about Bay.  Don't get me wrong, I love you for it... I would have just rathered see you in this film as well.  My Carley vs Mikaela argument is finished here, the scene where Carley walks up to a damaged Megatron and tells him that he is now just Sentinel Primes bitch... you honestly think Megatron would take that from some puny fleshling?  Megatron had no clue who this girl was except maybe from Dylan or Soundwave, but even in those circumstances she was nothing but a hostage, weak and powerless.  He had no reason to take anything from her.  She should have been snapped in half right then and there period.  Now had Mikeala said that, that is a different story.  Here is a girl who has been warring with Megs for the past five years.  She has been a great and honorable combatant.  She has takend down some of his men, and fought vallinatly against the Decepticons.  Megatron is an ex-gladiator, he finds respect from this type of action.  He is honorable, so if this girl would call him a bitch then man, he must have really went down hill.   Just saying.
Also Chicago seemed to be ohhh so long.  I really did enjoy it but a whole lot of it was nothing more than hey guys... we can do this and it would look cool, it wont add to the story but think of how it will look, then we add explosions, and man this is a perfect movie.  Again more and more Bay-footage.  A majority of the human action in Chicago was not needed.  For example, had Hardcore Eddy tried to shoot and while shooting the missal the building fell and they lost it, alright I'm cool with that, but not shooting at all?  Not cool.  Alos why doesnt he use that missal at all?  I understand the whole military support thing, but there was just way to much.  I am here to watch robots, can we please get to them?
One final gripe... the ending.  I feel that they completly destroyed what Prime would have done.  In the novel apparently the Optimus-Megatron exchange ended with Optimus sending Megs and his decepticons to Cybertron... I like that exchange much more.  "What would you be with out me Prime?" "Lets Find Out!" KILL SHOT.  Prime does not act in anger, nor retalliation.  Look at the first movie, Prime stands over a heavily wonunded Megatron... he wouldn't have taken the kill shot but rather he would have taken the prisioner and finally ended the war.  Megs forced his hand.  In DOTM Prime kills in cold blood, completely out of charcter, and how do you explain to a kid why their hero just did something so anti-heroic? 
To top it off Prime then gives Sentinel the Coup De Gra?  Why?  Sentinel even was showing complete remorse.  Completely out of character.  Prime would have let him live, maybe inprisioned, but still alive.  Freedom is the right of all sentint beings.  Do you rememer that?  Not Peace through Tyranny! 

Enough bad, onto the good.  I have to say I was happy to see how the Witwickys were used.  It really showed growth from a 16 year old Sam.  They were not overwhelming, and even though  a source of some humor, not too much.  Also it showed they now trusted the adult Sam.  He told them to go and they didn't even second guess it, they just went.
Another great aspect of the movie was the whole Sentinel Prime angle.  I had no clue the turn was going to happen and even the foreshadowing was so subtle that I didn't realize it happened.  Sentinel really showed the leader he was and even kept his morals while trading the Autobots when he rejected the Matrix.  I really felt that he wanted Prime to keep it because he was no longer worthy.  The whole time he even worked with the Decepts it was just as a means to an end... to save Cybertron. 
The Wreckers and Epps were also a great addition to the movie.  I really have came to like Epps and his role gave a great in to Chicago.  The Wreckers were also just great to see how a movieverse Autobot Seal team would work. 
That is all for this blog, but I will add a second of nothing but good soon so be sure to check back!

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