Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dark of the Moon

The last time that I posted  I felt that I was running a bit long, and was overly critical and negative about DOTM.  I decided to put a little good, and then just stop to continue later.  So here we go... what is good about Dark of the Moon... well firstly lots.  Lets dig into the mess that is my brain and decide if I am truely sane.
Firstly I love how the movie gives itself standing in real history.  The moon landing being a front for a secret robot mission was classic.  I loved to once again (since the prequel novel to the firt movie) see the American Government covering up that they know.  Also the "historical footage" was perfecty cast and acted out to make it look genuine.  Additionally using the Chernobyl disaster for a reaction to space bridge tech was again a great play with history, and gave the movie an illusion of realism for the movie.
The turning of Sentinel Prime was anther amazing part of the story that really made me enjoyt the movie.  The trailers were perfect, and never even hinted at the turn so it was a complete surprise.  Sentinel Primes characterization was also really well done.  Sentinel was characterized as a being that was just doing the best that he could for his species.  He also had complete knowledge that what he did was wrong.  I really thought that it showed that Sentinel was honrable doing a dishonorable action for the greater good.  If Sentinel was supposed to be a power hungry mad bot then we would have been stuck with a nothing more than a repeat of Revenge of the Fallen.  Instead we have this leader who is plauged with what he believes to be the correct work of action.  If he were just a repeat fallen Prime then when Optimus offered the Matrix back to Sentinel, then Sentinel would have taken it and ran.  Instead he knew that Sentinel Prime was knowingly in the wrong and did not want to create any more wrongs.  He knew he no longer was the correct weilder of the Matrix.
The movied does have its flaws, I mean what movie doesn't? However all in all it really is a solid move.  I really enjoy everything that they accomplished in the film.  Again I wish that they would have taken out some of the human drama, but I see why they needed to include it in the film for some of the non-Transfans out there.  I also see where some of what i consider "useless" humor came in for this aspect of the movie as well.  Don't get me wrong, I have already seen the movie twice, and plan to see it again.  I really can't get enough.  I just need to get my fan-boy gripes aired out there to some people who see eye to eye with me. 

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