Wednesday, July 2, 2014

TF4- AOE Story Fan Edit, How I would have done it!

So I feel that since Friday I have been harping pretty strongly against Age of Extinction. I don’t mean to be a completely negative fan, however I am very disappointed with how it turned out. I have talked to most of my comic friends and we all have came to an agreement that it defiantly is not the movie that we really wanted. Actually perceptions of the movie range from OK to Horrific, however there are things that we all agree about.
For that reason, I have decided that I would post how I would have approached the movie. I am taking this as a script re-write, and not starting from complete scratch. I understand that people in Hollywood do this for a living, and I am not trying to down their vision, however I think that I have a way to try to add cohesion to this film. Sadly however, it takes a little bit more work than the Spiderman 3 fan edits, so it will never happen. Also I am using the film to provide my “vision” so please understand that this serves as your spoiler warning. I cannot talk about how I would do it without bringing it up. Proceed with your own caution.
Opening scene, stick with the Antarctica from years ago. Scene was alright so leave it as it was.
Next we enter into the Ratchet Death Scene, however it is majorly changed. Instead of ratchet, we replace him with Leadfoot. We still have the introduction of Lockdown and the Autobot hunters, however now we have a huge battle between Lockdown and Leadfoot, giving some amazing Michael Bay Explosions, and great an amazing Wreckers death scene, the type that a Wrecker knows is due for his end. Again Lockdown kills Leadfoot trying to get a lead on Optimus Prime, Leadfoot wont talk.
Then flash back to lest say 3 years ago. Ratchet is exploring the south pole. This is basically following the battle of Chicago. Ratchet stumbles on a sign of transformer life, and is inspecting it. At that point the Cybertronian ship flys over the scene, small battle (hard to see) takes place, and ship flys away with all remnants of metal dinosaurs and Ratchet.
Now we enter the Cade story. Hell I figure you basically continue to it as it took place, except for one thing. Optimus may be reactivated in battle mode, but once he realizes that Cade is there, he settles and talks with Cade. No more Murdermus Prime. I am tired of that Bayism, so lets get rid of it. When Cade and family is then introduced to the Autobots, we get to learn of Ratchet’s fate, and that he is held prisoner at the manufacturing facility. This will provide more of a link between Lockdown and the humans in the story, as well as explain how they could have manufactured transformers. Lets be honest, even if you discovered Transformium, you don’t know Cybertronian anatomy… who better than Ratchet.
This also sets up the new battle in Chicago much better I believe. Now the Autobots have just cause for staging a rescue mission at the manufacturing facility. Where in the movie the bots act out of revenge, now they are trying to save their brethren who is held captive that they believed to be dead. Keep the scenes as they are, but make the end cause to save Ratchet. Hell even still save Brains, because honestly he would be more inclined to decipher the Decepticon hieroglyphs, or even add Wheelie back into the mix.
Save Ratchet, but move him to the Cybertronian ship. This will keep most of the action how it was, and also add to the plausibility of the introduction of the Dinobots. As the ship is flown around, Ratchet can revive the Dinobots and have them ready for an Optimus Prime “breaking in Grimlock” scene but would make it less of a gee we are lucky this happened here moment.
Move the battle to China and Hong Kong as done already. Make the reasoning that there are more protos there already, or that they can reprogram Galvatron there… because they have more hidden Cybetroinan tech that will give them back command. This would enable the plot to move easier and give some sense of causality.
The only other things that I would change were Optimus shooting a human, Optimus’ hate mongering toward humans, and the general Autobot mentality through this movie. By taking Ratchet prisoner it sets up the US government coming against the bots, strengthening Kelsey Grammar’s anti-Transformer stance, and reinforcing that all aliens are evil. It also frees Ratchet to do behind the scenes work to fix allies or get reinforcements ready for a random moment when they are needed. The team needs a medic and he is a perfect match. Also it would allow for them to play up the Ratchet Lockdown relationship established in Animated! Remember the ROTF figures? They even established a relationship between these two giving Ratchet a connection point for Lockdown’s EMP cannon.
Thank you for reading my ideas on how the movie could have been a little more cohesive, and please provide me input from you. I always like hearing another point of view, especially if it can make me enjoy this film a bit more.

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